Listening with headphones is recommended

Hippie Trail Vibes
The Journey
Along the Ganges
Train to Tibet
The Himalaya
The Story Continues
Wind tells a Story
Between Day & Night
Fantasy Watermill
The Lost Prince
Imposing Gate
The Traveler
Steppe Rider
Under the Moonlight
African Mist
Through Rainforest
Orchid Garden
Breath of the Aztec
Over the Roofs
Clothing Market
Longing of the Soul
Story of the Reed
Industrial Age
New Age
Fleeting Light
Fountain Voices
The Night comes
Stalactite Cave
On The Route
Wander Lust
Global Disaster
The New Virus
In Quarantine
The Pandemic
Urban Station
Urban Spaces
Another Adventure
Into the Darkness
Awaiting Storm
Through the Clouds
Haunted City
The Deep Sea

Music Sync Use Licenses

Soundtrack for documentaries, films, audiobooks, apps, theatre plays and more ...

For many tracks are SYNC USE LICENSES and AUDIO DOWNLOADS available. You can use and publish the music in your own media production such as a video, film, animation, television, game, app, audiobook, website, show, theatre play and audiovisual presentation. SYNC LICENSES allows to use the music or parts of the tracks in a new media production, but not to resell or publish the music only. Licenses are paid once. The music tracks are copyrighted but free of any royalty obligations to ASCAP, BMI, PRS, GEMA, SUISA, etc.

To purchase just select a track und click on "Get Sync License" and "Add to Cart" within a track page on this website or on the catalog on Payhip. Easy checkout via PayPal or Credit Card and immediately download of 3 audio formats: WAV 24 Bit / 44,1 kHz (HD-Quality), WAV 16 Bit / 44,1 kHz (CD-Quality), MP3 320 kbps. A printable Sync Licence (PDF) is also included. Many of the music tracks are produced as binaural 3D Audio for listening on headphones, but largely speaker and soundbar compatible. Download of standard 2 channel audio files easy to use with any DAW, video editor or multimedia authoring app.

Do you need custom sound design or music production for your next audiobook, film or multimedia project? Learn more