Immersive Sound Design - Mono, Stereo, Multichannel or binaural 3D Audio for audiobooks, shortfilms, animations, VR, multimedia - Sounds, Music and Sonic Textures anywhere within a full 360° three-dimensional sphere -

Sound Design

Sound design and audio production of music, sonic textures, atmos, SFX and foley recordings in mono, stereo or 3D audio for audiobooks, shortfilms, animations, games and virtual reality projects.

My sound design services includes creation and audio production as well as editing, mixing and mastering of sound elements, soundscapes and soundtrack music for audiovisual or audio-only media. I have a focus on Stereo and 3D Audio production of sound textures, organic and virtual acoustic ambient noises as well as fusion world music tracks using sounds from traditional acoustic and electric instruments, but also from synthesizers, all edited with professional modern audio tools and effects. Music, foley, atmos and SFX will be produced and optimised to support stories, scenes and atmospheres in shortfilms, animation movies, audiobooks or any other promotional, entertaining, editoral or educational multimedia production.

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Urban Station
The Deep Sea
Time goes by
Hippie Trail Vibes
Train to Tibet
3D Audio Music

Audio Editing, 3D Post Mixing, Mastering

Audio Editing, Mixing and Mastering services of already recorded sound material for multimedia, audiobook or music projects. Professional editing of mono, stereo or binaural tracks including positioning of music, dialogue, SFX, atmos and foley sounds anywhere within a full 360° three-dimensional sphere.

Immersive 3D audio editing, mixing and mastering services includes panning, positioning and automated movements as well as level and fades adjustments, cuts, restoration and noise reduction, equalizer sound editing, reverb and creation of virtual acoustic environments, delay, effects and sound design manipulations, spectral shaping, dynamic compression, vintage sound coloring, saturation and limiting of mono, stereo, multichannel or binaural 3D audio tracks, stems und mixes. Delivery of various digital audio formats (WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG) and DDP premaster for CD duplication.

Audio Editing, Mixing and Mastering for a 3D audio production can be done from single mono or stereo tracks or stems (multiple tracks as stereo file). The source material should be in 16-24 bit resolution as a WAV or AIFF audio file. When mixing audio in 3D it is important to keep in mind the genre typical sound and volume settings as with stereo mixes. In addition, with 3D Audio, the enormously expanded spatiality and the associated possibilities of positioning individual sounds can generate completely new impressions and listening experiences that not only allow creative experimentation but also a virtual simulation of a natural sounding of instruments, voices and sounds, and thus to the listener convey realistic acoustic impressions of a scenery and environment. These can be a mixed soundtrack, dialogue or sounds for moving images, audiobook or radio play, but also a mix of pure music. The sound and dynamics processing and the positioning of the individual sounds are completely different than with typical stereo mixes. If you are interested, I would like it to develop creative ideas for a contemporary immersive 3D audio sound mix of your existing and future audio and music productions.

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3D Audio - Info

Binaural 3D audio gives the listener an immersive sound experience via standard headphones and is played from a two-channel audio file or CD-audio. Multi-channel formats such as Ambisonics are for playback via special loudspeaker installations or use in AR/VR applications.

Binaural 3D Audio simulates the human spatial hearing via every kind of stereo headphones (no special models are required). When listening to stereo audio with headphones, the perception of all sources of sounds is located inside of the head between the left and right ear. With binaural 3D Audio the sound appears outside of the head and can be anywhere within a full 360° three-dimensional sphere. Voices, instruments and sounds can be positioned around the listener - in front of, behind, right, left and even below or above and everywhere in between - and can be placed in a virtual acoustic environment such as rooms and halls, studio and outdoor ambiences.

Binaural 3D audio sounds amazing in audiobook, radio play, shortfilm or documentary video productions and can not only improve the spatial, acoustic presentation of dialogues, atmos, sounds, foley and music, but also creates a much more emotional listening experience.

Audiovisual presentations, sound installations, and interactive AR / VR projects use multi-channel immersive audio formats, such as Ambisonics, where multiple mono or stereo sound sources are played through extensive speaker and soundbar systems (more than Surround Sound). In games, 360° videos and Virtual Reality applications, sounds for interaction can be integrated in this way.


Sound Design + Audio Editing for audiobooks, shortfilm, animation, multimedia
Audio Editing
Mono, Stereo, 3D Audio
Editing + Mixing + Mastering
Music, Dialogue, Atmos
$ 50
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Sound Design
Sound Design + Production
Foley, SFX, Atmos, Music
$ 250
Average Price per min / audio

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DDP Premaster
CD-Audio Premastering
Music Album, Audiobook
$ 75
Price up to 79 min / audio

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Musician, sounddesigner and audio engineer JENS HELMSTEDT, who is active as bass player and music producer since the early eightees, founded in 1993 his own studio in Germany. Specialized on digital audio post production and premastering, he worked for many artists, record labels, agencies and media. Beside editing of music tracks, albums and audiobooks, he realized also audiovisual webdesign and multimedia concepts for various clients. Actually mainly working on sound design and immersive 3D audio post mixing for contract projects.

If you are interested in sound design and audio editing for your project, please send a message. You will receive an individual offer by e-mail. Also you can book our audio services via the known platform SOUNDBETTER by Spotify for Artists

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